Friesens Corporation chooses TimsonsCPI for new press investment

Valentin GilbertNews

Kettering, 7th February, 2023. TimsonsCPI is delighted to announce our first new press sale to Friesens
, Canada, a little over a year after the creation of the joint venture between Timsons
Engineering Ltd and CPI UK.

Since the creation of TimsonsCPI, we have received a great deal of commercial interest in press upgrade, refurbishment, and new press manufacturing projects.
TimsonsCPI is well on its way to completing its first project; the upgrade of an existing T48 single unit Royal format press to Zero-Make-Ready, demonstrating its ability to successfully undertake complex press engineering projects.

The project with Friesens, to manufacture a completely new press, is the perfect next step in TimsonsCPI’s development. The project affirms TimsonsCPI’s ability and commitment to manufacturing new Timsons presses for the wider book manufacturing market.
Over the past few months, we have established an excellent working relationship with the Friesens team. We admire the culture and values at Friesens and are delighted that they have placed their trust in TimsonsCPI.

We would like to thank our strategic OEM partners for their support with this exciting new project, they
include CCS Technology, Baldwin, Contiweb, RIMA-SYSTEM and I.MER.
This will be the first new Timson press manufactured in 10 years and is due for installation at Friesens in 2024.
The press will be a completely new version of the Timson T48A, equipped with a new operating system,
along with new features and productivity enhancements, building on, whilst preserving, the strengths of the previous generations of Timson presses that printers know and love.

Friesens said:

“Friesens was pleased to hear of the joint venture between Timsons and CPI with the intent to build Timsons presses again.
Friesens presently operates 2 Timsons presses, a T32 and a T48, which have been workhorses in our single
colour product line. These presses have provided us with excellent quality and reliability, so we were disappointed when Timsons ceased production in 2015.
The TimsonsCPI announcement was perfect timing as we were seeking to upgrade. Friesens is thrilled to acquire the first press from this joint venture, and we look forward to its arrival in 2024.
We have a high degree of confidence in this investment, and in the venture itself. The subject matter experts we met at the factory buoyed our confidence that this was a good strategic investment and partnership.
Upgrades to the press include a new oil lubrication system in the print unit that allows for a 16% increase in speed, a new light-weight titanium chopper knife folder, new Baldwin impact Fusion blanket washing system and of course all new state of the art drives, motors, and a new operating software.”