Welcome to the CPI Group alert system

It is important to CPI to establish a real ethical culture within each of its entities and at all levels of the hierarchy. We have therefore set up a digital tool that complies with the latest European legislation and is simple ad secure to use.

The CPI Group's ethics and compliance alert system allows employees and external collaborators (temporary staff, employees of a service provider, etc.) or occasional collaborators (fixed-term contracts, apprentices, trainees, etc.) of the Group, as well as third parties, to make an alert report in accordance with the laws and regulations of each of the relevant jurisdictions making up the CPI Group.

These alerts include

  • A crime or misdemeanour;
  • A violation of a law or regulation, or of an international commitment;
  • A threat or serious harm to the public interest;
  • A breach of the Group's and/or a Group entity's ethics and compliance charter;
  • A breach of fundamental rights and freedoms, health, safety, the environment, or business ethics.

To make it easier to use, CPI has defined the following themes: corruption, conflicts of interest, fraud, financial offences, breaches of competition law, harassment and discrimination, rights and protection of individuals, serious environmental offences, protection of personal data.

The Group's ethics and compliance alert system is accessible in France/United Kingdom/Spain and worldwide by all Group employees, with the exception of Germany and Czech Republic where CPI Germany will implement at a later date its own ethics alert tool. The forms are available in the four languages used in the Group (French, English, Spanish and Czech). In addition, the text of the alert report can be written in any language by the whistleblower, as the system has a translation system.

How to report?

The protection of whistleblowers is a fundamental concern for CPI, which has selected EQS GROUP's Integrity Line outsourced and secure platform to carry out and host all exchanges and information relating to whistleblowing. This platform guarantees the encryption and storage of data in complete confidentiality on an external server disconnected from the CPI Group's information systems.

To make a report to the alert system or get advice on how to use it, go to [link] https://cpigroup.integrityline.com/

The CPI Group's designated ethics and compliance whistleblower referents are the Group HRD and the UK Division HRD (by clicking "here" you will be able to view the confidentiality undertaking signed by these individuals).

Please click on the link to find out more.