CPI Gardners Wholesale Partnership

Valentin GilbertNews

CPI and Gardners formalise their strategic partnership to distribute both Print on Demand and replenished books globally via virtual wholesale.

“We are delighted to formalise our strategic partnership with Gardners. We have a long history together dating back 25 years when CPI started its PoD manufacturing operation within the Gardners distribution centre.
As the global supply-chain continues to evolve we have created this partnership to support publishers needs in these changing times. Our collective aim is to enable publishers to secure every potential sales opportunity, fulfilling each and every book order, both domestically and globally. Delivering product to the consumer at a greater speed than most of the models currently available, at the same time reducing the environmental footprint through improved consolidation of orders. Culminating in a very clear commercial benefit to the publisher”

Alison Kaye, CPI UK, STMA, Managing Director

“This ever evolving partnership takes its next steps towards even further benefits to both small, medium and large publishers and the wider bookselling global community.
Resellers and suppliers through this model can offer and supply backlist titles to end readers as many uneconomic titles become viable again resulting in increased sales, whilst at the same time adding benefits of shorter print runs to more established titles.
Coupled with environmental savings there are commercial implications with reducing supply chain time, stockholding and total landed costs for everyone.
A project that thinks both inside and outside the box.”

Simon Morley, Gardners, Buying Director